There is enormous power in data, in information, in facts. Harnessing the power drives market success. Reaching today's increasingly sophisticated healthcare customer requires a deep understanding of the market, its triggers and its trends.

Add to that the fact that regulatory agencies are increasing scrutiny of medical device manufacturers; for example, the number of FDA Form 483s and Warning Letters regarding misbranded devices or unsupported promotional claims has increased substantially over the last decade. Add to that the fact that hospitals are understandably requiring more and more clinical and economic data of manufacturers before converting to their products. Add to that the fact that obtaining reimbursement for a new procedural approach is increasingly difficult.

What this all boils down to is information. Facts. Data. And that's what the dd+p group is all about. While the team draws on member expertise in a broad spectrum of backgrounds and skills, it is united by a core belief that data should drive strategies, tactics and decisions.

That's why the dd+p group is divided into two basic functionalities: (i) healthcare marketing and commercialization and (ii) evidence research and analytics.


Our marketing and commercialization team has deep experience across the entire product development spectrum, from early stage assessment and analyses to product launches, communication strategies, etc. We have been in our clients' shoes, fought their battles and understand their challenges.

But what sets us apart from our competition is that we also have an entire group focused solely on data — gathering data, parsing through data, analyzing data. It is these data that we use in driving strategies and tactics for our clients. Our research and analytics team is very experienced in generating the evidence needed to support business models, promotional claims and regulatory submissions, the data necessary to craft a successful product launch, the metrics to monitor and manage the product's post-launch campaign.

Hence the term "evidence-based marketing." We believe the best and most successful marketing of all results from solid data and evidence generation in combination with insightful analysis and application of those data. And it is exactly this type of service we offer our clients — powerful and creative marketing supported by credible and tenable data.

Our custom solutions maximize patient and business impact for our clients in the medical device, diagnostics and pharmaceutical industries.


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