Our custom solutions maximize patient and business impact for our clients in the medical device, diagnostics and pharmaceutical industries.

The dd+p group provides healthcare innovators evidence-based strategic and tactical support in early stage assessment, upstream and downstream marketing activities. Our strategic research and marketing / commercialization teams bring scientific rigor to bear so your decisions are predicated on a strong foundation of data and analytics.

Our firm is dedicated exclusively to healthcare. Team member backgrounds are deeply rooted in medical devices, pharmaceuticals and in vitro diagnostics. We understand the healthcare field, its nuances and its trends. It is this industry expertise and focus that helps our clients mitigate business risks and make educated decisions that drive profitability.


Our objective is to provide insightful information and actionable recommendations to help you make the right decisions to drive growth, profitability and - ultimately - better patient outcomes. The work our strategic research and marketing / commercialization teams perform is based on data, its collection and its interpretation.

The dd+p team provides evidence-based marketing across the entire product development spectrum - from germ of idea to post launch metrics. We help integrate market needs into early stage product development, optimize product positioning to maximize market penetration and profits, conduct post-launch analyses to monitor product success, and explore potential line extensions, etc. To that end, we leverage an arsenal of tools to help you with your business development, market research, new product commercialization and marketing needs.


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