Our custom solutions maximize patient and business impact for our clients in the medical device, diagnostics and pharmaceutical industries.

Our clients range from the smallest startups to the largest well-established companies. Our team has extensive experience with both — and everything in between. Project teams, senior / executive managers and inventors alike come to the dd+p group to leverage our industry-specific data generation and analytics as well as marketing and commercialization expertise.

Established Manufacturers

Even established companies need help in understanding their competition's pricing strategy, or the value of a potential acquisition's product, or the crafting of a meta-analysis. The dd+p team has the experience and know-how required to augment your internal resources.

Start-Up Companies

If you're a start-up, dd+p can function as your firm's marketing and commercialization departments during early funding rounds.


This helps minimize your up-front costs. And since our team is accustomed to cost-effective and rapid turnaround, we can help you build and refine your strategy quickly and efficiently. We do this every day.

Clinician Inventors

It is the clinician at point of care who often understands patient needs best. Unfortunately, most clinicians simply have neither the time nor resources required to bring their idea to market. And that's where we can help.

Our team leverages decades of experience to move your idea forward. We have a licensed patent agent on hand. We have biomedical and mechanical engineering staff ready to help. We have commercialization experts that understand what you need to bring your idea to market.


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