Our custom solutions maximize patient and business impact for our clients in the medical device, diagnostics and pharmaceutical industries.

The dd+p group combines advanced analytics with extensive commercialization experience to provide evidence-based marketing services.

Our backgrounds are deeply rooted in medical devices, pharmaceuticals and in vitro diagnostics. Our team combines broad expertise in data research and analytics with decades of experience in healthcare marketing and commercialization to deliver powerful answers to your business needs.

The primary benefits are twofold... First, our ramp up and turnaround times are short. The healthcare industry is our sole focus. We know and understand it well, so it takes little time for us to be up and running.


Second, the broad experience base of our team members allows dd+p to provide interpretations and results other firms cannot. Our team has numerous ancillary skill sets in its collective work history, with experience in engineering, regulatory, clinical and quality, to name a few. Consequently, we often see patterns others do not; we often understand nuances others cannot.


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