Featured Case Studies

Over the years our team has been privileged to work on some very interesting, exciting and, in some cases, pivotal projects.  We’ve included some of those in the case study list below.  Our intent is to help you envision the kind of work we could do for you!

business and marketing consulting

customer revenue and profit forecasting tool

  • market research and resulting customer revenue and profit forecasting tool resulted in increased product sales
  • dd+p difference: multidisciplinary expertise

market research

unexpected product redesign


  • Our team provides numerous capabilities across all aspects of product lifecycle affording you increased capacity to improve your team’s efficiency and effectiveness in meeting your business goals

extremely rapid turnaround


  • Our team collaborates with you to provide detailed data analytics and reporting services to transform sales, marketing and financial data in to valuable insights

data analytics

global portfolio reformulation

  • market research and sophisticated data analyses resulted in optimal global product portfolio reformulation
  • dd+p difference: multidisciplinary expertise