Global Portfolio Reformulation

Market research and sophisticated data analyses resulted in optimal global product portfolio reformulation.


  • $4.1B infusion technology manufacturer in more than 70 countries
  • FDA signaled an upcoming ban on plasticizer used in all client’s IV tubing product lines
  • client decided to proactively reformulate IV tubing portfolio
  • release of initial reformulation resulted in complaints regarding unacceptably high levels of kinking

client challenges

  • identify optimal set of 10 product attributes to maximize customer satisfaction
  • internal discord between R&D and marketing regarding optimal tubing formulation

methodology / analyses

  • in person hybrid qualitative / quantitative study conducted with over 100 respondents
  • study designed to identify statistically significant range of acceptability for product attributes and optimal formulation
  • complex series multiple wet / dry lab exercises designed to mimic realistic clinical environment
  • Pugh Analyses used to yield maximum information


  • formulation was identified meeting upcoming FDA standards while maximizing customer satisfaction
  • statistically significant results addressed R&D concerns

dd+p difference: multidisciplinary expertise

The dd+p team provided expertise in:

  • logistically complex market research study design
  • sophisticated data analytics and statistical analyses
  • engineering report writing

as a result, the team’s single vendor, highly integrated approach enabled the identification of the optimal tubing formulation and lead to acceptance across diverse internal stakeholders.