Unexpected Product Redesign

Realistic simulation research uncovered previously unrecognized need, leading to an unexpected and critical product redesign.


  • $4.1B infusion technology manufacturer in more than 70 countries
  • competitor created blood control segment within U.S. peripherally inserted venous catheter (PIVC) market
  • client had opportunity to distribute non-U.S. manufacturer’s blood control PIVC product in the U.S.

client challenges

  • identify potential of this new market segment in the U.S.
  • evaluate market opportunity of potential distribution partner’s product within this new market segment

methodology / analyses

  • hybrid qualitative / quantitative study conducted in person, 100+ clinical respondents
  • comparison of product preference ratios (PPRs) between potential distribution partner’s blood control product, competitive blood control
    products and leading non-blood control products
  • simulation using venous access pads modified to provide realistic backflow of blood during catheter insertion
  • HD video recordings allowed detailed review of respondent interaction with PIVCs and simulator pads


  • insights confirmed that PIVC with blood control segment was a legitimate market opportunity
  • client moved forward with successful U.S. distribution deal
  • NOTE: an ergonomic product improvement was uncovered during the research
    • a concept amended with this improvement had received the highest PPRs of all evaluated products
    • based on the strength of dd+p’s recommendation, the distribution partner eventually included the ergonomic improvement in its PIVC product line

dd+p difference: adaptability

When an unexpected ergonomic need was identified outside of the direct scope of the project, the dd+p team was able to adjust research study parameters to include an adjunct enhanced concept in order to:

  • collect relevant data on the enhanced concept
  • understand likely market response to the enhanced concept

As a result, dd+p provided a strong and clear recommendation to the client, resulting in a subsequent successful product amendment.